Welcome to the Paddle League

We're passionate about building a better, brighter and more sustainable future for stand up paddling that benefits all of the sport's stakeholders.

We want to help events become larger and more successful, we want to provide athletes more exposure to showcase their talents and expand their careers, we want to give brands a better channel to market their products and reach new consumers, and we want to offer major sponsors a platform to connect with and promote this amazing sport of ours.

We also firmly believe in reconnecting our sport with its "grassroots" foundation, which means placing a much bigger emphasis on junior, amateur and entry-level participation in order to establish a better sense of fun and community within SUP.

The Paddle League is aiming to achieve all of this by creating a unified international series that connects the great standalone events around the world, crowns a true international champion and helps elevate and grow the sport for everyone.

With this unified world tour, we're aiming to produce compelling content to tell an amazing story about our sport that entertains the core fans while connecting with a new audience to help expand our community.

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What is The Paddle League?

The Paddle League will showcase 9 major international races in season 2018 along with two-dozen grassroots regional events, which will all be interlinked on the new rankings leaderboard.

The core of the League is the World Rankings, which are being spun off from SUP Racer into a separate, independent entity known as The Paddle League. So while "The Paddle League" is a new name, this is simply a logical next-step for what's been evolving over the past half a decade.

The Paddle League will be managing the tour in collaboration with the athletes, events, brands and other major stakeholders. We're also partnering closely with the well-established EuroTour to help elevate the European Summer of SUP.

The League is co-founded by the highly-respected veteran Australian athlete Kelly Margetts (Tour Commissioner), SUP Racer founder Christopher Parker (Tour Architect) and Brian Meyer from Capital SUP (CEO) in collaboration with the independent events, the Paddlers' Collective - the group of top athletes aligned to help grow the sport - and other major stakeholders.

We're not going to make big promises about this tour, and we're not going to pretend our sport is on the same level as Formula 1. We don't believe in empty hype, we simply want to help contribute to the sport in a positive, leading way. Stand up paddling has given us so much and now it's time for us to give back, which is why we've been working day and night on The Paddle League for the past five months.

We're not trying to take over or tell anyone what to do: We're simply coming in underneath and providing a solid platform to help elevate the entire sport for the entire SUP community. We believe there can only ever be one “winner” in this -- the sport itself.

So the Paddle League aims to create a realistic structure for stand up paddling that is honest and sustainable, and which benefits the entire sport. And we’re sure as hell going to have some fun while we’re doing it!

Welcome to The Paddle League, and we look forward to sharing the story of this great sport over the coming days, weeks and months!

- Kelly, Brian and Chris from The Paddle League


2018 Paddle League Schedule

World Tour

The Paddle League World Tour combines 9 of the biggest races during the core season in order to crown a true international champion. We aim to tell a rich story about our sport; each of these events will become a unique chapter in the story while the athletes are the central characters.

Event # 1: Air France Paddle Festival
Tahiti, April 7
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 2: Carolina Cup
USA, April 18-22
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 3: OluKai Ho’olaule’a
Maui, Hawaii, April 28
(Specialty event: 60 points)

Event # 4: Kerama Blue Cup in Zamami
Japan, May 12
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 5: Bilbao World Paddle Challenge
Spanish Basque Country, June 16
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 6: Hossegor Paddle Games
France, June 23-24
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 7: Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup
Scharbeutz, Germany, June 30-July 1
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 8: Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge
USA, August 18-19
(Major event: 100 points)
- Paddle League live webcast

Event # 9: SUP 11 City Tour
Netherlands, September 5-9
(Specialty event: 60 points)

Honorary Points Race: The Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life
USA, October 6/7
(Independent Major: 100 points)
- The PPGs, long viewed as the season-ending showcase in our sport, is an honourary points race delivered by our friends at SUP the Mag. The race will count for full points on the Paddle League rankings but is not part of the World Tour.


There will be ~24 Paddle League-affiliated regional races in the US, Hawaii Europe, Asia, Australia, South America from January to December. This will form a real core of the Paddle League as we aim to help support and elevate the amazing regional events that do so much for our sport.

We're very excited about supporting and helping elevate these fantastic local races, and we'll share the full regional schedule by the middle of February.

The Paddle League is much more than just a "world tour," and the regional races are just as important as the majors. We want to support the fantastic, grassroots events that provide a true foundation for our sport.

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